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A long time ago I used my OCD for the wrong reasons. I would do things that never mattered, like making sure the corners of the floor were free of dust, or organizing every piece of mail into filing cabinets, or making homemade cookies, banana bread, etc. to take to take to a church lesson in exchange for a bunch…


I spend more time thinking about this than anything else. I used to obsess over the outline, the act breaks, the characters voices, the locations, etc. This is what we’re taught in film school, and what to stay focused on throughout story development. I still do all these things, but the thing I zero in on now is tone. What is tone?…

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I am tired. I am beat. I am going to sleep now. I’ve done all I can do for the month of January, and time is up. I did not complete my first draft on the UNTITLED MIND BENDER, but I am close!  I will plow through, and keep going until it is done. (Preferably much sooner than later. Ha) Re-evaluations….





Have you ever felt this on your heart? Coupled inside next to your mind? It’s like a quick lighting bolt of pain that strikes you at the core. I woke up early this morning and went straight to the coffee shop to begin another full day of writing. I didn’t get to see Lucy, nor her three siblings. When I am busy, deep…